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Day 60: Whitefish, MT July 16, 2007

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Good news, I’m only 100 miles away from the border!

This week has been great, lots of good cycling and lots of fun too.  I’ve been joined by Jamie and Lee, as well as Steve from Great Divide Cyclery in Helena.  Jamie is driving the shuttle vehicle, and the 3 guys are doing the riding.  It’s working out really well.  It’s a relief to have a shuttle vehicle at this late point in the tour.  That will end in two days when Jamie and Lee head south to finish the sections they skipped.  Steve also has to go back to work (the real world stinks sometimes, doesn’t it?)

Tomorrow we’re headed to Glacier National Park.  I’ve always wanted to go.  They say the glaciers will all have melted by the year 2030.  Thats quite sad.  So, better see them soon!  Thanks to Liz, I’ve got a National Parks Pass, and entrance won’t cost us anything.  It’ll be nice to get off the bikes for a day and do some typical sightseeing!  Ahhh, gotta love the convenience of taking pictures right from the car.

Last night we stayed near Kalispell with Jim and Cristelle Parker.  After an afternoon of tubing on the Swan River, we headed over to their friend Gary’s house for a great dinner, and even better desert.  Pie and ice cream.  Now how did that know that cyclists love pie and ice cream?  Go figure!  They were great hosts.  I had met them 2-3 weeks ago at Bannack State Park the day they I fell on the bike.  It was fun to reconnect, and have some fun on the river.  Sometimes the magic of this bike tour has nothing to do with what you do on the bike, but what happens off the bike.  Thank you for the special memories guys.

I also picked up 5 new gigs of music here in Whitefish.  My dad custom loaded a Sansa MP3 player with new tunes to help me finish this ride.  I’m right on schedule here to finish in Banff and meet my best friend Alex on July 23rd.  This tour is wrapping up really nicely.  What trip, I can’t believe it’s almost over.  Before I know it I’ll be back on a plane to the east coast, and this will be a piece of history.  Than I can begin bugging everyone for all the donations they’ve promised!  Keep an eye on your inboxes for those emails!  I’ve made good on my miles, now let’s see you make good on your pledges!  Info on how to donate is listed on the right side of this page.

Once again, thanks for all of your support.  Keep the comment and good wishes coming, and for those of you on the east coast, SEE YOU SOON!!



1. Rob Pierson - July 17, 2007

Glad to hear you’re feeling better jon. Good luck with the remainder of your journey.

2. Harry Pierson - July 17, 2007


Glad you were able to pick up the MP3 player and charger in Whitefish! Your luck has really changed! I didn’t expect that charger to arrive until around Thursday.

BTW, you don’t need to overcharge the player. The built-in rechargeable batteries really are good for 15-20 hours, and that includes the time you spend with the display all lit up. Overcharging just reduces their ability to hold a charge.

How about some pcitures? You’re slacking off!



3. Harry Pierson - July 17, 2007


BTW, when you get out here to visit us, not only will you find a small city that has a “college town,” “hippy” atmosphere, there’s even a big skateboard park three blocks away from the house!

4. Liz - July 17, 2007

Hi Jon! Yay, you! 100 miles- that’ll be cake for you! I’m SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO proud of you, can’t wait to write the check for our donation. Enjoy Glacier NP, take lots of photos, I’m glad your pass is coming in handy.
Love you!

5. Leslie Pierson - July 17, 2007

was thinking of your friend last night when I got bit by a dog – yes, a german shepherd. was playing with Lucy and then growled and then I bent down to push lucy away and stupid dog (gs) bit me. had to go to er for tetanus shot and antibiotics and horrible wash with horrible betadine for 10 long minutes. now is swollen and am going to see dr whitehead. maybe he’ll suggest a vacation instead of work and i’ll fly out to wherever.

di my package arrive? did you like everything? want anymore of whatever?

what should i do to feel better? i know, i’ll write a check to Yoder Foundation.


6. Phyllis & Richard - July 18, 2007

Hey Jon,
We are incredibly pleased that you have reached your destination today the 18th of July…according to your projected plans! It’s truly a life time achievement and something you will never forget…

Glad you had a chance to rest up…that’s awesome…and a “sag wagon” (shuttle) to get you through the last leg of the trip! Know there will be lots of celebrating. We think of you often and wish you well with your future goals…you are well on the way to a very sucessful and interesting life! By the way, Yukon Jack says “Hey”…he is standing at my elbow as I type this…he is some kind of doggie!

Take care, and Happy Travels!!!!

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