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Day 56: Still in Lincoln, MT July 12, 2007

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 First of all, you must check this out.  It’s a link to a great article published today by Inside NAU.  (Thank you Diane Rechel for all your help!)


And now an update from the trail… 

Yes I’m still in Lincoln!  I am starting to feel better and will be back on the bike tomorrow, riding from Lincoln to Seeley Lake, MT.  But not by myself… (read on!)

So, I get a phone call last night from Lee and Jamie (two folks who I rode with in NM and CO.  They have had a very hard ride, to learn about their ride, click on the link to their page on the right.  Anyway, Jamie hurt her back near Lima, MT and her ride essentially is over 😦  Sorry Jamie!!  But some good has come from this incident.  In order for Lee to continue riding the trail, they are renting a car and Jamie will shuttle for not only Lee, but me too!  They are driving here to Lincoln tonight and the 3 of us will share a motel and begin the supported ride tomorrow!  Wooo hooo!  No more solo riding.. that is a VERY good thing.

Another update..  My buddy Steve from Great Divide Cyclery in Helena, MT will be joining us beginning tomorrow!  He is meeting us in Seeley Lake where his parents own a cabin.  We will be 3 strong on the trail, with a support vehicle!  This will allow us to do more miles per day, not to mention make the logistics much easier.  No more need for carrying days and days worth of food!  This rocks. 

 My dad is sending me more music, and I’ve got 3 care packages to pick up before I reach the Canadian Border. 

As I’ve mentioned, the last 2 weeks have been the hardest for me, mentally and physically.  With all of this great news, my spirit has been lifted and I am really looking foward to the rest of the ride!  I could not ask for any more right now.  I have been happy resting, and am eating well and trying to give my body what it needs.  Lots of Vitamin C, water, and yummy food to keep me feeling good.

Thank you so much for all of the support.  I really love the comments coming in, so please feel free to share your thoughts!! 



1. ben williams - July 12, 2007

Hi Jon–

This is ben, the curly-haired guy who works at Macy’s and hangs out with Gina and the crew. Anyway, just wanted to let you know i’m envious of your trip and it sounds like a total blast. i hope the next few weeks treat you well. Happy riding:)

2. Leslie Pierson - July 12, 2007

what did i always teach you – things always work out.
Love your spirit and love you.

3. Mary Thompson - July 12, 2007

There is no harm in taking it easy and revitalizing your energy both physically and mentally. What can you learn about from where you are? Who have you met and what is the impact? Sometimes the lessons are not immediate. Just know that even in your weakest moment you may be giving someone else strength. Today, I am just one person who has been touched by your life and example. Hang in there! We are all proud of you and I believe that the Yoder’s would definitely think this is very COOL!

4. Keith Cunningham - July 12, 2007

Hey Jon, It was nice meeting you the other day in Bannack! Sorry to hear that your pains have worsened but take it easy, you are almost done! Nat and I are enjoying some much needed R&R here in Pinedale, WY and ready to hit the trail again soon. Take care man and best of luck on the rest of your trip!


5. garynne drake - July 13, 2007

read all your blog and am really amazed at what an adventurous person you are… stay safe , have fun, continue to take great pictures and we will see you in a few weeks… love you, garynne

6. leslie pierson - July 16, 2007

spoke to raf’s mother. She wants to know if you want stuff sent with him. let me know and i’ll bring to Irvington. raf is leaving on thursday so book will definitely arrive on time (hopefully!), no it will! Also, MAKE AIRLINE RESERVATION FOR GOING BACK TO AZ. call me for details. but must be done asap. going fast. funny that you called me today same place as last week. should have given me the regular order! GLAD YOU WERE GOING TUBING ON A HOT DAY. hot here too! your package arrived yesterday.


7. leslie pierson - July 16, 2007

btw, raf mother and I are planning an around the world trip. We feel that you and him shouldn’t be having all the fun.


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