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Day 52: Helena, MT July 8, 2007

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Quick stop here in Helena to fix up my front wheel.  I had 7 flats between Butte and here, which is more than I’ve had this whole trip.  The new wheel I bought in Butte is single walled and had some spoke nipples on the rim that were sharp and exposed.  They were wreaking havoc on the tube.  So Steve at Great Divide Cycles hooked me up, did a great job covering the rim with duct tape, rim tape and another protective rubber layer.  We’ll see how this holds up.  There’s not another bike shop for 350 miles (till Whitefish) so this will have to do.  If the flats continue I will probably lose it! 

Had a great night here last night, meeting lots of Steve’s friends, all good guys.  They are really into downhill mountain biking, and today are headed to Big Sky, which seems to be really popular for biking.  Would probably be a little too extreme for the Voodoo, so I think I’ll stick to the trail.  Steve may actually join me later this week because he has some time off of work.  We’ll see.  Other than that, I’m kind of caught behind 3 riders (David, Michael and Lee) and I am in front of Josh and Ryan.  So, yes, I am solo once again.  I like it though because I meet way more people when traveling alone.  Some of my strongest memories from this trip come from the people I’ve met along the way, so this is a bonus.  There is no shortage of “trail magic” for those who ride it alone.  Although now that the music I’ve brought is so old I don’t even bother to listen, the solitude I experience all day is a bit of a downer.  It would be nice to have some company out here.  Hopefully I’ll catch David soon, or meet more northbounders if there are any.  For all I know, we could be it.  Haven’t really seen too many faces on the trail this year!  Don’t mind that though, it’s cool to be part of such a small group of people who do this kind of thing.  Of course if we were on pavement we’d see alot more.  On the days I’ve ridden pavement on the “TransAmerica Trail” (which criss-crosses the Great Divide once or twice) I’ve always run into other cyclists.  I think I prefer it this way.  It’d be hard to do a paved tour after this! 

Guess that’s it for now.  I would really like to encourage you to donate if you can, whatever you can.  Even if it’s like $5.00.  Maybe you could just send a note wishing me well, or even just think of me as you’re enjoying a hot shower and wondering what’s on the tube.  Before you fluff your down comforter and prepare for a comfy sleep, think of my tired body on the trail and wish me well!  PEACE! 



1. Harry Pierson - July 9, 2007

Hi Jon,

Wish I had some music to send you 😦 You probably have everything I have already, and I don’t know how to get it to you 😦

Stay strong, it sounds like recent setbacks are coming too close together.

Still no internet service, the installation guy didn’t show up. I’m posting this by “borrowing” service from some neighbor’s unprotected wireless router.

I’m really looking forward to seeing you, please let me know what I can do re: music etc the next time we speak. Maybe I’ll get a trial account with Rhapsody etc so that I can put some music on SD cards for you. Just let me know what you like.



2. Leslie Pierson - July 9, 2007

so I get you everything you asked for when you spoke with me at the supermarket and I sent it out today. Problem Number 1. hard to get everything in the $9 dollar box and 2. weighed almost 11 pounds and 3. how are you going to carry all that stuff? Now, remember IT WAS EVERYTHING YOU ASKED FOR AND NOTHING ELSE (well, maybe one or two things but not much). Weather is very very hot. Good thing I have air conditioning both at work and in the house. Dog was in kennel while I was in Cape Cod with Lizzy and she had a great time with the other dogs. Now, I don’t have to worry about her when we go for wedding. Cape Cod was wonderful. We met with wedding planner and worked out a lot of the details. emailed Danny a gaziliiion times today. He is also having a good summer. Rob good too. Kim shower is next weekend and Lizzy wants me to come for a few days becausew the shower is in Roanoke and stay with her but I reminded her that I am a working girl and also not made of money and these trips cost money. When are you getting married? saving my days and money for you. or robbie, or danny.

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