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Here’s how you can help… July 6, 2007

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 For those who would like to donate, please read on!

I am less than 600 miles from my goal, and it would be WONDERFUL if people could get a jump on sending in their donation!  It will help me to know that people are behind what I am trying to accomplish and it will also guarentee that the money I’m trying to raise actually gets there!

Donations should be sent to : 

Dustin and Kristen Yoder Memorial Foundation, Inc.
c/o Law Office of David Gray, P.C.
4500 N. Avenida Polacca
Tucson, Arizona 85749

Please make checks out to “Dustin and Kristen Yoder Memorial Foundation, Inc.”

Thank you so much for all your support!  It means a heck of a lot!  Keep it coming and please spread the word!  For more info, please visit http://www.yoderfoundation.org/Pages/scholarships.html 



1. Berta Koehler - July 7, 2007

I have been following your progress since my daughter, who works with Mrs Yoder, sent me your site. I hope while in Montana you were able to ride into Missoula Montana to see the first fully hand-carved carousel built in America since the Great Depression. All horses and band organ, were created by volunteers. My husband and I found it very interesting and I plan to go see it again.

2. Tara Doherty - July 7, 2007

You are amazing!! What an incredible journey to take…very inspirational. I’m sending a check out today!
Good luck and safe travels. Hopefully we’ll jam out at a festival again some day :).
Peace and Love,

3. Marilyn Allen - July 12, 2007

Dear Jon,

My name is Marilyn Allen and I am a study abroad advisor here at NAU and read about your bike ride for the Yoder Memorial Foundation Scholarship.

I had the honor of working with Kristen when she studied abroad through our NAU program to the south island of New Zealand. You mentioned in your article that you had never met Kristen so I wanted to share with you a little bit about her. I have sent hundreds of students abroad but Kristen was a person that once you met her you could never forget her. I always said to myself and to her that I wanted to live my life like she does with compassion and enthusiasm. She loved the outdoors! I always saw her in Tinsley Hall, where she lived and I work with some outdoor paraphernalia headed out for another outdoor adventure. She had found a passion in her life with the outdoors and with finding that passion she lived life with the most incredible happiness that I had ever seen. She was never afraid to ask questions and had a sense of wonder about the world around her. After she studied in New Zealand she came back to NAU to finish her degree and also helped me promote study abroad to New Zealand. When she arrived at my meetings, students were so attracted to her and without fail I always sent more students to New Zealand after she had done a presentation. Kristen was a dreamer but at the same time realistic in how to make her dreams come true.

In closing, Kristen would love what you are doing and I am sure in some shape or form she is riding with you and cheering you on. You could not have done a more appropriate thing in Kristen’s honor. I never had the pleasure of meeting Kristen’s brother but from what I hear from my colleague he had the same passion for the outdoors as Kristen had. Just the other day as I was walking down the hall in Tinsley, I thought of her and wished I could see her smiling face and now with the article about your bike ride I am most sure that she is here in spirit.

I would love to meet you and hear of your adventures so please come by and see me once you return to NAU.


Marilyn Allen
Program Coordinator, Study Abroad
Center for International Education
Northern Arizona University
1 (928) 523-8337 (MST)/FAX (928) 523-9489
NAU Box 5598
Flagstaff AZ 86011
Office Hours: 8-3 M-F
Walk in Office hour daily from 1-2

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