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Day 42: Ashton, Idaho! June 28, 2007

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Ok, so I’ve made it to Idaho.. woo hoooo!  This trip is REALLY moving now.  I lightened my load yesterday by sending home my front panniers, everything now is loaded in the back.  The front feels a bit wobbly, and it wants to lift up when I hit the really steep grades (like 13%) but thats rare.  I almost did the complete opposite of the “endo” earlier today, for those who know what I’m taking about.  Let’s call it a “backo.” 

In the last week, I’ve had a tooth extraction (last Saturday) and that took place in Rexburg, ID.  So basically, On my birthday, my good friend Lindsey (who I worked with 2 summers ago leading for SCA in the Delaware Water Gap) came to Jackson and she drove me to her house in Driggs, ID.  After my wisdom tooth was pulled, I spend 3 days recovering at Lindseys house.  My recovery consisted of lots of ice cream, movie watching and sitting on her front porch.  It was quite nice.  During my 5 days off, I got to see the Miller Sisters (on my birthday) at a neat bar in Victor, ID called the Knotty Pine.  After the show we got the invite to a fun bonfire where one of the Miller Sisters showed up.  Good times till 4:30 am on my bday.  Nice trail diversion!  Next day was the tooth.  Of all the movies I watched, I think my favorite was “The World’s Fastest Indian.”  Very cool movie and his stories have an element of what I through on my journey. 

Now, I am writing this in bold to tell you something very important.  This important announcement is that my sister Liz ROCKS.  Got it?  I did not really explain the whole story in my last post, so here goes.  Last week she was driving cross country with her best friend Jenny.  So, the two of them read my blog, estimate where I am, and no kidding, ask everyone in a 30 mile radius surrounding Boulder, WY if they’ve seen me.  Well, the day they found me I was asked my numberous motorists if I was Jon.  Uhhh, it was quite odd.  All I knew is 2 girls in a green subaru from Oregon were looking for me.  I thought it was a joke aat first but after a few cars, trucks and oil carrying semis stopped me, I knew something was up.  Eventually it clicked.  After an hour or two of messages and phone tag, I connected with the girls, and they were on their way.  After 2 days of playing detective, they found me in Boulder.  So there ya go, they are heroes. 

I also want to give an enormous thank you once again to Lindsey in Driggs.  She opened up her house to me, drove me 50 miles each way to see the dentist, and could not have been kinder.  She is super busy working on her house, but found the time to make sure I was comfortable and helped make my recovery swift and painless.  She too ROCKS. 

I am now going to play with photos.  Feel free to comment on anything.  I thought it might be fun for people to ask questions about my trip on the comment form that I could answer in a post.  Maybe?  Anyway, if you’re wondering a specific question like, where do I sleep, what do I eat or something possibly more profound, make like GW and FIRE AWAY!  Peace, I’m out.



1. Newt Perdue - June 29, 2007

Jon, nice to meet you at RedRock RV Park in Island Park, Idaho. Here’s the pic I posted of you: http://perdue.smugmug.com/gallery/171443#167909086

Good luck and be careful of the bear.

2. Rupe Dogg - July 1, 2007

that’s pretty incredible that they found you…

why did you take off your front panier?

3. leslie pierson - July 2, 2007

glad to get all these postings and all the phone calls. i like you better than danny. he is the missing child this week. glad your summer is going so well. am in cape cod scouting out fun for us in august. looking forward to spending the week with you, dan, rob and lizzie. love you to pieces.

4. dan - July 4, 2007

haha.. shoutout to mark from cairns..

glad to hear you had a great bday, can’t wait to party in august.

5. Lauren Fishmn - July 4, 2007

Hi Jon,

This is Lauren Fishman (Liz’s future sister-in-law). I’m sitting at the Cape with your mom looking at your blog–very cool! I’ve enjoyed reading about your adventures and thought that the story of Liz and Jennie meeting up with you was one of a kind. Hope you have a safe and fun rest of your trip. See you at the wedding!

Safe travels,


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