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Care packages June 28, 2007

Posted by jonpierson in Uncategorized.

Just wanted to add something here.  Anyone who is interested in helping me out can send me a care package through the mail.  Basically, you prepare a package of lightweight and nutritious foods (tuna in pouch, granola bars, dried anything, etc) and send it “general delivery” to a post office on my route.  This requires some coordination on both of our parts, but it can be done.  These packages GREATLY help me in parts of my route where there are minimal grocery stores.  I aim to receive packages in the most remote sections, it lightens my load and guarentees me the calories I need while I’m on the trail.  SO, anyone interested, please leave a comment on this thread, and I will get in touch with you on where to send your package.  Please respond soon, as I’m done with my ride in less than a month!  I will also happily accept music mixes in mp3 format if you mail them on CD..  That would be a bonue!  Thanks!



1. Rupe Dogg - July 1, 2007

a mix tape with several thousand mp3s is on its way to Butte, MT right now. hope you enjoy it, jonny boy. 🙂

2. Kat - July 2, 2007

See comment to Slide Show #3…

3. Marisa - July 3, 2007

hey jon! sucks that we missed each other last time you were sleeping on the couch. and sucks even more that my alarm doesn’t even wake me up!! hope you didn’t run late because i didn’t wake you up on time. i could probably send you some power foods, courtesy of myself + the shop, if you still need some. let me know what you might need and where, and i’ll try to pull together at least something small. hope everything is good wherever the hell you are right now!

4. leslie pierson - July 6, 2007

so, should I send one to US or Canada? waiting for answer and I have food here with me in Cape Cod. Lizzie and I have been wedding busy. lots to do but all fun and good. JOn, be specific with what you want. I have oatmeal, cashews, dried apples, applesauce, what else do you want? what weight do you want package! missing you. thanks for keep in such fabulous contact. between you and Danny, you are the winner, but danny is right behind. Love you guys.


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