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Day 30: Rawlins, WY June 15, 2007

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Has it been a month on the trail already!?!?  Wow, this trip is flying!

 Quick hit here in the public library of Rawlins.. Everything is good, I stayed last night in a beautiful log cabin close to downtown.  It all happened quite naturally.  I arrive in town, grab some grub, leave the restraunt to the sound of reggae music, and follow my ear to “Middle Park.”  The town is enjoying the live band (part of a “Thursdays in the Park” series) and I sit town next to a friendly looking lady who introduces herself, and asks me about my ride.   Next thing I know I’m mixing in with the coolest local folks at “The Keg” (local saloon) getting all the dirt on Rawlins, WY.  Anyhow, it’s hot but finally cooling off.  Just thought I’d update, and thank Marylin for the wonderful accomadations and hospitality!  It was fantastic! 

Also, for lunch, I struck up a conversation with the manager of Pizza Hut, who then proceeded to offer me a free buffet.  PERFECT!  Luck has been on my side, or maybe it’s simply the good people of Wyoming.  So far, so good.  Plus I just met another rider outside the library who is my age.  He is from Ft. Collins and is heading to Alaska in the same general direction as me, so we’ll ride together as long as it makes sense.  We’re headed into really dry country, I’ll be carrying alot of water. 

Oh yeah, one more thank you to Laura of the Rawlins BLM.  I could go on for a while, but I will say she is one of the BEST people I have met so far.  She gave me contacts in Jackson, mailed almost 15 lbs for me, and helped me get into on water availability.  She is amazing, I really couldn’t say enough about our meeting this morning.  Just awesome. 

Jackson Hole this weekend for my birthday!  Can’t wait!  June 22 for those who haven’t already bought me a present and fowarded it to Jackson, you may have to send me belated gifts to Montana (ie; care packages LIZ!!!!)

Finally, I’ll leave you with a cool photo I took yesterday near the interstate..



1. Liz - June 16, 2007

You rock man! Is it possible that you continue to get even cooler each day? I’m headed out to Oregon in a few minutes to drive back with Jennie, we would LOVE to cross paths with you & have a good time hanging out celebrating the upcoming birthdays… CALL ME!

So great to read about your trip… I swear I’m going to start training so I can go on a ride, lets call it a minitrek 🙂 with you. Have fun, be safe, call me!
Love you, your big sis

2. Leslie Pierson - June 17, 2007

soon to be my 25 year old most amazing person I know:

good news is no one at work is getting tired of hearing about your adventures. I can talk all day about the four of you and no one calls me boring.

Lizzy is trying to get in touch with you – my guess is you catch up with her, she will treat you good.

cannot shop anymore without buying tons of stuff for you. what is the next drop I do? Bubbie, Lizzie and Garynne are all on the same page as this and are planning on sending stuff as well. what specifically do you want in the next coming weeks? how did the last package arrive?

weather hot here – 90 which feels very good. Lucy is not shaved this year. some random person told me it is not good for her, so she is very hairy. I really need to ask the vet if this is good idea or not. Groomer says yes, random person says no. I say yes, what do you say? Do dogs get sunburned? Lauren next door graduated this weekend. Cannot believe she is so old! Mark next door is going into 10th grade, neighborhood so great, lots of flowers, looking wonderful.

all my love, including all the popcicles, garbage cans, coffee cups, mackerals and rainbows.

3. Step-Brother Ben - June 19, 2007

Is there anything better than beautiful ever-changing scenery plus feeling strong and in-shape plus great people? Probably not. Keep steady, and don’t strain any muscles. You’re doing great!

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