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Day 21: Crested Butte, CO June 5, 2007

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No time to write, but I will say I am PUMPED for the alternate route I begin tomorrow morning with my buddy Topher.. We’re headed from Crested Butte from his front door, and in another 5 days we’ll arrive in Steamboat Springs, CO. 50 miles a day, all dirt, lots of climbing. Our highest pass is roughly 11,500. We will probably see about as much snow up there as I did along the Brazos Ridge in northern NM. We had a very pleasant night here at Tophers house in CB, good food, a few drinks, and now it’s time for bed! Keep an eye out for updates in a week from Steamboat Springs, CO!

Here’s a pic of me and Toph the morning we took off!



1. Liz - June 6, 2007

Jon- I should have written this here instead of down below- I failed on my care package assignment. Didn’t get it in the mail. Will make it up to you by sending double or maube even triple the goodies. Where will you be around June 19? Glad you are having a great time. Where can I mail a care package to this week? Love you,

2. Rob P. - June 6, 2007

Biking through Colorado has to be crazy. Both beautiful and incredibly challenging on the mountain inclines. (The down hills gotta be a blast though!)

Can’t wait to see some more pix, jonnyboy.

3. Alessandro - June 7, 2007


Tarrytown cycles are proud that their VooDoo is making the trip! Sounds like you’re doing great, and tell Topher I said whatup.


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