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Day 20: Platoro, COLORADO! June 3, 2007

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We’ve made it to Colorado, finally!  There has literally been no opportunities to add to the blog, right now I’m using the internet at the Skyline Lodge in Platoro, CO.  This town is TINY, only accessible by dirt road.  Mainly offers hunting, fishing and horseback tours.  It’s really nice here.  The elevation is about 9,000 feet.  We’re supposed to climb up to 12,000 over the next 2 days, but the issue is snow that has not melted since this past winter.  There’s been snowdrifts in the last few days starting at about 10,500 feet.  It’s challenging to find ways around all the mud and snow up high.  Certainly slows our pace.  I was hoping to average 40-50 miles per day.  This week has been really slow, due to the climbing (average about 2500 a day) and the snow and mud.  We may actually have to find an alternative paved route if we decide to avoid Stunner Pass, just north of town here.  We will decide very soon, regardless, I should have another opportunity to post updates within a week in Del Norte or possibly Gunnison if I drastically change my route.  I am likely going to head to Crested Butte to visit my buddy Topher and take a few days off the bike for r and r.  So far we’ve taken NO days off, which is unusual.  On my cross country tour 5 years ago, I took about a day per week off the bike.  Due to the low miles, it’s been hard to give myself a day off.  I really want to complete the whole ride, which includes 220 miles in the Canadian Rockies.  If neccesary, I will chop off that section, but I’d hate to have to do that.  I will try to make up some time here and there when possible.  That means 60 mile days as soon as the terrain allows that.  The weather has been wonderful, and we’re meeting very nice people.  Last night we camped along the Conejos River and were invited to dinner (chile, beans and tortillas) by a very nice family from New Mexico.  It was delicious!  Also had a massive lunch in Horca yesterday (2 hamburgers, apple pie, 2 scoops of ice cream.)  I’m not going hungry out here!  The biggest food challenge is to have enough snack food during the day.  It’s hard to resupply.  I will probably start “mail dropping” packages in advance to some of the more remote stretches.  I am in need of dried fruit and other foods that are impossible to find in these tiny towns.  Even some of these towns that have no groceries DO have a post office.  What else..  Oh yeah, my new sleeping bag is awesome.  Big Agnes is THE BOMB.  Highly recommended for camping gear.  There’s been no cell phone service for days.  Right now I’m in a group of 5 total, Lee and Jamie from Atlanta, and Josh and Ryan from PA.  Having lots of fun, lots of laughs, and good times all around.  Keep up with the blog, there’s lots more to come (including photos!)



1. Leslie - June 4, 2007

quick one as i’m off to New York from Richmond where Lizzy had her shower that I planned for her few months back. Really nice to meet some more of her friends. I meet a bunch each time I get out here but even better to have them all together. Bubbie, Sheila and Kim were able to come out so it was even more special. Did I tell you Kim is getting married on Nov 17, so even more to celebrate. I guess we’ll have an early Thansgiving this year. Danny called me last night. He finished trip touring Pyranees and is now in Barcelona and staying with Yazik for a day or two before he meets Matt for birthday celebrations. Rob good (bought some interesting transportation for getting around town with). He’ll tell you more. Starting new job this week, excited and nervous, Love you all the motorcycles, bees, tuna fish cans, and turnips.

did you get my package? it is full to the rim with what you asked for and more. Let me know more dates and places and I’ll keep you supplied.


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