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Day 14: El Rito May 30, 2007

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Hello from El Rito! Can’t believe today is day 14! We are just 2-3 days away from the border of Colorado, and everything is going great. The bike is holding up ok, other than a busted o-ring in my pump (which makes it worthless) and my rear tire seems to be struggling to to manage with all the weight., I just noticed today that my spokes are loosening up just a little, but I am about 5 days from the next bike shop in Del Norte, CO where I may have to replace the wheel. Hope not!

The past few days have been really nice, very pretty country here in southern NM. We are going to climb up to 11,000 in the next 2 days, right now I’m at about 7,000. Lots of dirt, lots of climbs. There is a bit of snow to the side of the roads from the heavy snowmelt experienced in NM and CO. No snow on the roads, but just beyond Platoro, CO over Stunner Pass there is supposed to be a 40 yard snow drift. I imagine we’ll have some wet feet, and be kind of tired after portaging our gear and bikes over the snow. Should be fun, I’ll be sure to take photos! I’m getting TONS of great photos, I just don’t have the time during these short internet visits to upload too many. I will rearrange the site soon to include more photos when I have the time. Proabably next week.

You can tell how remote this ride is by how often I check in here. This is the first available computer in ONE WEEK! I have seen some VERY remote stretches of road out there. There’s bee days where we saw maybe 2 cars and maybe 3 ranches. Thats over a 50 mile segment! And then sometimes it’s 3-5 days between towns that offer any groceries or any other services. We end up carrying several days supplies of food. We filter water from streams when necessary, they are all listed on our maps, so we should never run out. I carry atleast 4 liters at all times, and max out at 8 liters (good for camps that have no water access.)

Today I received my NEW sleeping bag and pad (thank you Big Agnes!) The bag is down rated to 15, my warmest bag EVER! The pad is compatible with the bag, and it’s insulated with primaloft. Basically it means I’ll be warm at night up high in Colorado. Nothing worse than a poor nights sleep out here!

Well, guess I’ll sign off. All ther other riders are doing fine. We’ve now merged into a group of NINE riders! Lots of fun! It’s great having this little traveling bicycle community. Adios amigos!



1. Rob - May 30, 2007

sounds like you guys are working your way towards to creating a critical mass.

2. Liz - June 6, 2007

JB- I failed you- didn’t get the care package out on time- in fact, haven’t gotten it out at all. Sorry šŸ˜¦ Let me know where to mail one, and when to mail it by. I’ll come through for you this time kiddo. Love you lots, and am glad you are enjoying your trip.

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